client: Shutterfly
project: Improve the product sharing experience in the web, native and non native mobile applications
tools: Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, moderated and unmoderated user testing platforms. 

My time at Shutterfly was all about Sharing. Sharing a photo, album, product on all devices; iOS, Android, Desktop, Tablet. 

Before I joined, the experience was incredibly disjointed. Each platform had its own unique set up, and consistency did not exist. What you could do on one, you could not do on another. Users had to switch between devices to share and then if you were the receiver of that photo that was a whole other mess. 

The result was a +10% increase in purchases in all products and +15% in new customer acquisitions.

Use testing was paramount in getting the experience correct.

Share via iOS native mobile app

Share via Android native mobile app

Share via mDot (mobile web)

Share via desktop web