client: Cardinal Peak
project: Fujitsu iOS mobile appĀ 
tools: Sketch, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Invision, Miro

As the only designer on the team my responsibilities encompassed many facets on the project. I was first tasked with taking an Excel document of requirements and visualizing Fujitsu’s first mobile app for the commercial HVAC experience. 

I started with a list or requirements and from there build out a sitemap, style guide and design system that could be easily scaled by the engineering team. 

The app quickly became bigger than six month scope was budgeted for. Every product manager within the global Fujitsu team wanted their feature in the app. Within one month the project pivoted from commercial to residential. The app was launched on schedule and still exists today.

While building out the IA and wireframes I started on the look and feel. I created a few mood boards to get an idea of what the client was after. Once determined, I moved onto mid fidelity designs and icon development.