client: FrienTap
project: mobile app 
tools: Figma

Sometimes you just gotta say yes when a design project is presented without a budget…. Think LinkedIn mashed with Amazon.  

A Product Manager can make or break a design(er). In this case it made this project sing from the mountain tops. The energy and willingness to devote the same time as me was what brought this project to launch. 

The app is available on the Google Play store today.

Some reviews may look suspicious, and some may look real, but it can often be nearly impossible to tell for sure and we wanted to change that.

Creative Process

Displayed below shows my design process. I tend to jump quickly into high-fidelity designs. I’m a visual designer first and can iterate faster than wireframes. 

I’ve so often started with wires only to revamp everything when it goes to high fidelity. This to me is quicker and more efficient; I’m working out user flows and look and feel at the same time. These are the moments when I wake in the middle of the night with solutions.

I had to start somewhere and thankfully kept going...

working thru some bad design and ugly user flows here... 😉

major breakthrough in the design...