client: Hamilton Agriculture
project: CROPgen; SaaS 
tools: Figma, MapBox

I worked with firm principals and internal software engineers to design a dynamic, functional software program that helps farm owners and operators increase efficiency and correctly plan and execute improvements. 

The program was created by moving from a static Excel spreadsheet to a more dynamic system that uses cutting-edge drone and satellite inputs.This allows for more accurate data collection and analysis, which can be used to improve farm management decisions.  

What once took at agronomist 10 hours to complete we cut that time to 2 hours and allowed the ability to work on site rather than prep hours ahead.

As the need for more food for the planet grows we will need to find innovative, sustainable solutions to our feed production needs. With CROPgen, operators are able to better utilize existing farmland and resources. Not only do investors benefit from increased production and decreased costs, we are also addressing the needs of a growing population and a decrease in arable land.